Personal discoveries & transformative shared experiences

Inspiring women’s personal discoveries and transformative shared experiences through travel.

She Travels Well empowers women to pursue a vibrant, rich and engaged life of continual discovery, health & joy through travel. Full of wanderlust-worthy destinations the brand seeks to inspire and inform true-to-you personal discoveries and transformative shared travel experiences in a supportive and uplifting environment that nurtures every type of wellness woman. We encourage purposeful and impactful travel by highlighting hidden gems, connecting curious explorers with local communities, businesses and cultures, and fostering deep engagement in the world around us.


What We Believe

We believe in the power of travel to invigorate, energize, inspire, connect, engage, give new perspective and create powerful change in both the traveller and the destination.

We believe health and wellness is a holistic state that is physical, mental, spiritual and intensely personal. We believe there is no one perfect path; each path is as unique as the person on it and should be travelled without guilt or fear of judgment or condemnation. We exist to support women to travel their path well.

We believe incredible magic happens when women are together supporting each other, and that the world needs way, way more of that. Our goal is to help women design purposeful personal discoveries, transformative shared explorations and joyful experiences.

We believe that we can slow down without losing out, experience more with less, and chose experiences and people that leave us filled up not drained out.   

We believe that luxury is simple things done well, buying items that will last a lifetime and the art of creating by hand.  We choose quality over quantity every time.

We believe food is life giving to the individual and the community, and is one of the deepest connections to a place’s culture. We believe eating well is essential to traveling well and commit to featuring locally grown foods, the people who grow and prepare them, and the rich food traditions of a place.

We believe that while money can’t buy happiness or health, how we spend it is extremely powerful. We believe we should and can make conscious decisions to use that power to maximize positive impact and change.   

We believe time is the biggest luxury and gift, so how we choose to spend it and with whom is the whole story.  We want to inspire and inform women to write their own unique, amazing story.

We believe that every woman possesses a creative, nurturing and life-giving force;  when pointed together toward a common goal we are not just powerful, but unstoppable.

We fiercely believe that every woman matters, every story matters and every person matters - exactly as they are  - and we strive to keep this in the forefront of everything we do. We believe that wellness and travel should be accessible to women of all ages and incomes and work tirelessly to establish an inclusive, safe, warm, and welcoming community for everyone in the She Travels Well family.