5 Women-owned, Sustainable Clothing Brands designed for the Earth-conscious Traveler

Your travel attire should align with your values, just like your trip’s itinerary. These women-run clothing brands are creating fashionable gems that are easily transportable, ethically-made, and sustainable. From mountain retreats, to yoga sessions on the beach, to quaint dinners in far flung locales, in these Earth-loving brands, you’ll be impeccably dressed while honoring your commitment to sophisticated, green fashion.We curated this list with you (and Mother Nature) in mind. Enjoy!


Philadelphia-based operation, Voloshin is rolling out whimsical, practical designs in amazingly fresh fabrics. Super luxe cottons and breezy linens are constructed into timeless silhouettes that will make you swoon. Every piece in the shop is travel-ready, all you need to do is mix and match. The effortless vibe will serve you well, regardless of your travel destination. From Philadelphia to India, all the garments are created with ethical practices and fair trade in mind.

Our pick: Margo Tiered Draw-String Slip Dress

Voloshin The Margo Tiered Draw-String Slip Dress.jpg

The Margo Tiered Draw-String Slip Dress, a comfortable, versatile dress will definitely get a lot of wear on your next trip. Throw it over your swimsuit on beach days, pair with comfortable shoes for a day of walking, and dress it up at night with a leather jacket. Wherever you go, this dress will serve as an easy go-to piece. The handcrafted, 100% cotton dress will make this top a beloved centerpiece in all of your travel ensembles.

Bonus: Lapis Lazuli Necklace

A pop of blue, especially hand-crafted Lapis Lazuli, is always a good decision. Add this necklace to any outfit to create that polished, understated vacation glow. It’s also a perfect compliment to The Margo Slip Dress.

Voloshin Lapis Lazuli Necklace .jpg


A brand that boasts the catchphrase “Mindfully made” is right up our alley. SVILU, created by designers Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo, is all about environmentally responsible, thoughtful fashion choices. Just one glance through their shop is all you’ll need to understand that the mission works. SVILU is creating highly fashionable clothing that will travel with you for years to come. Your next trip will be spent in these comfortable, one-of-a-kind designs.

Our pick: Rowe Pant

SVILU Rowe pant.jpg

Travel essential: comfortable pants. SVILU’s Rowe pants will voyage far and wide. These relaxed pants, reminiscent of joggers, are appropriate for museums, restaurants, and hotels around the world. Pair with a casual tee and sandals and you’ve got the perfect summer look.

The thoughtful materials and careful construction make these the only pants you’ll need for your next trip, or maybe, for every trip.

Bonus: Vestry Dress

SVILU The Vestry Dress.jpg

Want to lighten your load and pack just one garment? The Vestry Dress, with its light, cotton feel and pockets is ideal for summer and a universally flattering, unprecedented one piece. Enough said.


Cuyana is leading the charge when it comes to fashionable, sustainable wardrobe staples that comprise your “lean closet.” Each piece in Cuyana’s collection is impeccably designed and produced by craftspeople from around the world. You’ll love how these elegant pieces translate as you travel from place to place. The muted palettes are intentional, and quite effective

Our pick: Seersucker Twisted Shoulder Top

Cuyana Seersucker Twisted Shoulder Top .jpg

When it comes to travel, layering options are everything. Cuyana’s latest Seersucker Twisted Shoulder Top is perfect for summer and can be paired with anything, it can be worn with shorts at the beach, skinny jeans and sandals for the day, and an A-line midi skirt and heels at night. Made from light Portuguese cotton, it’s sure to become an essential item on your packing list.

Bonus: Classic Weekender Bag

cuyana classic weekender bag.jpg

Your trip begins and ends with your luggage. Choose wisely. We recommend this structured, smooth leather weekender, in navy blue, for your next jaunt out of town.


Kowtow, a New Zealand-based, women-run brand, and the only international clothier on this list, is making waves with their organic, fair-trade apparel and accessories. These biodegradable designs are runway worthy, yet completely wearable for the modern woman. The clothing stands out just as much as the philosophy behind it. Wherever you’re going, Kowtow’s gear will certainly adapt, and definitely make a memorable statement.

Featured Item: Fold Over Shorts

Kowtow’s Fold Over Shorts .jpg

Kowtow’s Fold Over Shorts are the embodiment of cool, in an extremely versatile, highly-stylized package. Pair with a basic tee and your favorite sneakers for a comfortable, yet classy travel look. These 100% organic cotton shorts, with front and back pockets (huge bonus) are subtle enough to wear all day, and yet refined enough to wear at night. Vacation planning requires thinking ahead, but with shorts like these in your bag, you can focus on more important details, like where to take in the best sunsets.

Bonus: Asymmetric One Piece, Ivy

Kowtow Asymmetric One Piece, Ivy .jpg

Green adventures call for green swim gear. This unexpected one piece is the epitome of sophistication, in eye-catching ivy green. All you need is one good swimsuit in your repertoire for an unforgettable beach trip.

Elizabeth Suzann

Elizabeth Suzann, the founder of this signature brand, creates minimalist designs that will inspire travelers to pack light. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything in the Elizabeth Suzann line that isn’t travel-worthy. The simple designs are like a blank canvas, waiting for a worldly muse to take hold. You’ll wear the signature collection everywhere you go, and take your place in the important shift toward greener, more sustainable fashion choices. Supporting innovation in design and production makes you look stunning.

Our pick: Georgia Tee

Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Tee.jpg

Picture yourself wearing this essential tee. Are you on a Safari in Africa? Or riding a ferry across a beautiful waterway in Central America? Maybe you’re sipping wine in Italy? No matter where in the world you are, this modern, effortless, linen gauze shirt will envelope you in the fair trade fabric of your dreams. The comfort will be infectious, anywhere and everywhere.

Bonus: Bel Skirt

Elizabeth SuzannBel Skirt .jpg

The lightness of this linen gauze skirt is too good to pass up. It’s loose, light weight will get you through even the hottest of summer days and the color selection is so good, you may need two.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of women-run clothing brands that are out there in the world, just waiting to be discovered by like-minded travelers. There are sustainable, environmentally-friendly clothing brands creating fair-trade, ethically conscious relationships with clothing artisans around the globe. The movement towards balanced, renewable fashion options for the thoughtful traveler are within reach. Exploration leads to discovery in fashion and travel.