Women Making History | Emily Weiss of Glossier

In the beauty world, it can take a while for your products to reach cult status. That hasn’t been the case for Emily Weiss and her entirely Instagrammable brand Glossier. It seems everyone knows someone who just tried Lash Slick for the first time and is obsessed. We’re one of those people, which is why Weiss made our Women Making History list. Founded on the idea that “beauty isn’t made in the boardroom,” Glossier offers a streamlined collection of skincare and makeup made to be as versatile as a fashion editor’s closet.

charisse-kenion-463327-unsplash (2).jpg

Weiss launched the brand to help women use beauty an element of personal style. Instead of dictating how women used her products, she decided to make the consumer their own beauty editor. It’s a role she showcases by featuring real women throughout the Glossier world: on Glossier.com (in the “Looks IRL” section) and all over the brand’s social presence. As the company’s About page puts it, it is a “people-powered beauty ecosystem” that relies on personal choice. Their products are inspired by the people who use them. Their skincare, makeup, body products, and signature fragrance are all designed for real life, everyday use. And that is truly beautiful.

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