Women Making History | Diana Briceno of Volta Digital Brands

Since Women’s History Month is soon, sadly, coming to a close, we’ll just come out with it: we need more women-minded businesses! Companies that truly understand women’s wants and needs, and can spread a little good while they’re at it. Today’s Women Making History spotlight feels the same. Former Procter & Gamble global brand manager, Diana Briceno is the CEO of incubator and investor, Volta Digital Brands. Volta focuses on brands that fill a unique female need.

Life is too short to let your passions fizzle (3).png

The group is currently working with 4 female relevant brands including Mia del Mar, a Latina skincare company, MM. LaFleur, a female owned women’s professional clothing brand, and Context, a unisex skincare brand. Briceno’s work is centered around charitable tie-ins, one of which is Project Glimmer, a California-based nonprofit that serves at-risk women and girls. Whatever Briceno does, she brings a mix of compassion and creativity, which makes us even more excited to see what she’ll be up to come Women’s History Month next year.

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