Women Making History | Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest

Spend a minute scrolling through Ellevest.com and one thing will quickly become apparent: this is not your typical investment website.

For one, it was founded by a woman, the focus of today’s Women Making History installment, Sallie Krawcheck. It’s also keenly aware of women’s investing needs, nixing the standard one-size-fits-all approach used by competitors. Ellevest asks, if women are paid differently and live differently than men, shouldn’t their investment plans differ as well?


Krawcheck came to this conclusion after years working in finance for companies such as Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. She realized that investing is an industry “by men, for men” and, consequently, hasn’t allowed women to reach financial goals. She founded Ellevest to change that dynamic and help women achieve their true financial potential. Whether you want to start saving for retirement or a down payment on a house, Ellevest investing experts design personalized investing plans to help you get there. That’s a business we’d put our money on.

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