Women Making History | Joni Cobb of Pipeline Entrepreneurs

Joni Cobb, Pipeline Entrepreneurs

Breaking into the business world can be tough. It requires a mix of creativity, tech savvy, and a thing for crunching numbers. For today’s Women Making History installment, we’re talking about a true female force of nature in the business world, Joni Cobb.


More than a decade ago, Cobb founded Pipeline Entrepreneurs, a fellowship program aimed at cultivating business in the Midwest. Members receive leadership training, mentorship, and access to a network of other industry peers from all over.

The fellowship’s high-performing entrepreneurs work alongside a nationwide network of business experts, who are equally invested in the success of these entrepreneurial pursuits. Entrepreneurs at Pipeline mentor, teach, learn, and invest amongst each other throughout their venture and life. After a decade of work, $513,034,121 in capital has been raised by member companies. Of course, all of it has been made possible by Cobb’s initial vision and family-style approach to the typically rigid world of business. It’s clear that with Cobb on your side, launching your own company is never that far out of reach.

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