Women Making History | Laurel Taylor of Future Fuel

Raise your hand if the words “student loan” still elicit a shudder when you hear them. For today’s Women Making History post, we’re featuring someone who felt that exact same way - and did something about it. Enter Future Fuel Founder Laurel Taylor.

brooke-cagle-609873-unsplash (2).jpg

Like most college students, Taylor was bogged down with loans while earning her master’s degree at MIT. She recognized the issues her peers faced and was compelled to innovate the process. As CEO and founder of Future Fuel, she has made it her mission to take the pain out of loan repayment and reduce student debt by $1.5B by 2021.

Future Fuel offers users a modern, millennial-friendly mobile application with programs like Round Up, Repayment, Roll Up, Refinancing, and Read to make financial wellness possible. They even offer 401K planning and a platform that inspires employers to help with the student loan process. With a playful interface and encouraging messaging, Taylor is making loan repayment - dare we say - fun.

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