Women Making History | Allison Fleece + Danielle Thornton of Whoa Travel

For our next installment of our Women Making History series we’re talking about STW kindred spirits Allison Fleece and Danielle Thornton of Whoa Travel. The duo have been organizing women-led and women-focused adventure trips since they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together nearly a decade ago. Through Whoa Travel (which stands for Women High On Travel), Fleece and Thornton recreate the same spirit of solidarity and support they experienced on their first expedition together for women around the world.


Whoa Travel currently offers adventures to nearly a dozen different global locales, many with multiple trips scheduled per year. Every adventure focuses on pushing participants out of their comfort zones and into new experiences they can’t get anywhere else. Expect to make some lifelong friends in the process. After all, there’s no better bonding experience than sleeping in barrel huts for 4 nights with women you just met!

With all their adventures, Fleece and Thornton make sure to give back to the places that grant them these memorable experiences. Whether it’s a trip to Kilimanjaro, a climb up Europe’s highest peak in Russia, or a pilgrimage trek in Japan, Whoa always gives back to a local non-profit and invites women from the community to partake in their activities. No matter where they go, it’s clear these two are making their mark and inspiring women around the world to be fearless in whatever they pursue.

Interested in trying a Whoa Travel adventure? Check out their current packages here. Be sure to check out our entire Women Making History series here and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on social @shetravelswellco.