Women Making History | Nicole Shariat Farb of Darby Smart

Raise your hand if you’ve ever Googled “zoodle recipes” or “diy lip scrub” only to defeatedly order takeout and the latest lip mask from Sephora a few hours later. Yep, us too. Thankfully Nicole Shariat Farb is making researching everything from home decor ideas to DIY projects a little easier with Darby Smart. The interactive video community allows users to easily discover videos that feature specific brands or products in an instant. Darby Smart curates its user-generated content to include only what will be most helpful to viewers (so no random montage videos to sort through).


Shariat Farb left her job as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs to establish Darby Smart with Karl Mendes in 2013. Since then, millions of users have used the platform to share their tutorials and product reviews with feedback and conversation from others. Whether you want to learn a clever Dollar Store craft or get some inspiration for a new go-to makeup look, Darby Smart is your answer.

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