Women Making History | Katerina Schneider of Ritual Vitamins

When choosing who to feature for our Women Making History series, we knew we had to include Ritual founder Katerina Schneider — if not for her commitment to clean vitamins, then for consolidating our supplement cabinet to a single bottle.


By studying current diet habits, Schneider figured out exactly how much of each vitamin today’s woman really needs from a supplement and how much she gets from the food she eats. The result is a do-it-all multivitamin that can replace the half-used bottles crowding your counter.

Schneider launched the female-focused Ritual in 2016 after struggling to find the perfect prenatal vitamins, ones with ingredients she could understand. She forged on with the belief that “better health begins with better ingredients” and just the ingredients you need. As a result, Ritual vitamins are surprisingly pared down compared to other supplements on the market. The brand’s multivitamin includes just nine nutrients.

Ritual vitamins are packed with essential nutrients. What they don’t include? GMO’s, gluten, animal byproducts, colorants, and fillers. Vitamins include women’s daily essential multi-vitamins and essential prenatal vitamins. The brand puts deep care in what you put in your body and how it affects the environment. You can even trace exactly where your vitamin’s ingredients originated on their site. And, to make your life even easier, Ritual will deliver your order right to your door for free at the same time every month so you never miss a beat.

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