Women Making History | Dawn Dobras of Credo Beauty

Today we’re talking about a woman who is dramatically changing the way we shop for the products we reach for every day. From the lipstick we swipe on in the morning to the cleansers we use to take it off at night, Dawn Dobras, CEO of Credo Beauty, is working to put the care back in self-care.

Dobras founded Credo as a hub for non-toxic makeup and skincare (it’s been called the Sephora of clean beauty), a space where women wouldn’t have to filter through a list of credentials to figure out what was safe. Spurred on by some startling statistics — like that the U.S. has banned only 30 ingredients from personal care products while the E.U. list boasts more than 1,400, the Credo team curates an expansive selection of products that are cruelty free and crafted without any ingredients from their Dirty List. The list includes dozens of pigments and preservatives linked to health and environmental issues that we definitely don’t want in our makeup!

Credo beauty- women's history month.jpg

Dobras is committed to expanding the U.S.-based brand internationally and making stricter regulations for the beauty industry. Credo aims to change the American beauty standard and offer ethical, clean, safe, non-toxic beauty products. The beauty company offers a wide array of brands, from indie up-and-comers like Kosas to luxury standbys such as Goop.

Even cooler, Dobras is committed to shining a light on other ethical entrepreneurs with extensive brand bios and videos throughout the Credo site. We’re getting good karma vibes just thinking about it. Check out Credo’s entire collection here.

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