Review: REI Women’s Adventures Travel Packages

A fully immersive outdoor escape


Craving an outdoor adventure that will challenge you while immersing you into beautiful landscapes? REI Women’s Adventures is one of our favorite ways to escape into nature while expanding our perspectives with the help of expert instructors. Read on for our review of REI Women’s Adventures and why you should consider these unique travel package.

What are REI Women’s Adventures?

“REI Women’s Adventures are extraordinary journeys for women who want to experience the world—not just see it.”

REI Women’s Adventures are a line of active travel adventures just for women under the umbrella of REI Adventures. The trips are organized and led by women for women only, and they include a variety of outdoor activities and other culturally immersive experiences all over the world. These trips include out-of-the-box adventures and sights that you might not normally encounter on a stereotypical tour experience.

Who will enjoy their trips?

REI Women’s Adventures are designed for active women who look for an out of the ordinary travel experience and care about responsible travel. These trips focus on the lesser-known gems of the regions and countries they visit. All of REI Women’s Adventures have a significant portion of the trip taking place in an outdoor setting that allows the traveler to enjoy and explore the wonders of the great outdoors. (Remember, this is the brand that encourages you to #optoutside!)  But they are also well balanced with cultural and culinary inclusions so you get a true feel for the destination.

The trips are offered in a variety of lengths and levels of activity so you can find the ideal travel adventure for you. The activity levels include easy active, moderate, vigorous and strenuous.  Note that these programs are geared towards active travelers, so even the Easy Active level, such as their Baja California Women’s Adventure, requires you to “be prepared to walk or hike 2-4 hours (up to 6 miles) on undulating terrain.”  Vigorous and strenuous adventures cater to travelers with high levels of physical fitness. Many trips are designed to allow for various levels within the same group, however, so there are options to satisfy every type of wellness woman.

What types of experiences can I look forward to?

The trips are loaded with active wellness experiences — hiking, kayaking, multi sport, yoga and surfing, just to name a few.  But they include equally compelling cultural and culinary experiences. Visits to local attractions, winery tours, cooking classes.  On backpacking adventures the guides even cook dinner with locally sourced ingredients. REI Women’s Adventures are designed with experiences that appeal to the outdoorswoman and world traveller alike.

Where will their adventures take me?

REI Women’s Adventures travel across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, with up to 20 trips per year. The adventures are purposefully designed to explore the exciting aspects of various regions, and no one trip is the same.

Some locations include hiking throughout North American National Parks, kayaking in Puerto Rico, and exploring wonders of the world such as Machu Picchu in Peru. The adventures are varied and extremely well crafted.

Why will I love traveling with and supporting REI Women’s Adventures?

REI Women’s Adventures provides travelers with an easy and simple way to have an authentic, active and adventurous travel experience. Trip Specialists organize itineraries and take care of the nitty-gritty details that you might find frustrating in planning a rewarding trip. REI Women’s Adventures is a responsible travel company that supports local experiences and businesses to leave a positive impression on the communities that they travel to.  They are super friendly to solo travelers as well (which, if you haven’t considered, here are 5 compelling reasons to give it a shot this year)!

For more information on REI Women's Adventures, check out their site. Have you tried one of these unique getaway packages? Let us know in the comments or on social @shetravelswellco.