Ten Thousand Waves Resort | Santa Fe, New Mexico

A Japanese-Inspired Southwestern Escape


Ten Thousand Waves Resort

Looking for a unique and intriguing hideaway for your next vacation? Today, we’re reviewing the Ten Thousand Waves Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Get your flier miles ready. You’re going to love this one.

The Vibe

The entire point of escaping a resort is to immerse yourself in a completely different, relaxing vibe, right? Ten Thousand Waves Resort does just that. With minimalist decor, organic textures, and soothing colors, the resort exudes quiet comforts.

The Rooms

Ten Thousand Waves Resort focuses on fine lodging, dining, and spa treatments for guests. Lodging is divided into three categories: Zen Rooms, Townsman Rooms, and Emperor’s Rooms. There are three Zen Rooms available: the New Moon, Spring Moon, and Yado. Each room sticks to its theme, and offers guests basic accommodations in luxurious rooms. There are eight Townsman Rooms available: Rising Moon, Blue Moon, Luna, Moonlet, Half Moon, Sailor Moon, Hangetsu, and Suigetsu. These rooms are Japanese-themed, and designed to fit more guests in these transformed adobe ranch homes. Finally, the three Emperor’s Rooms available are Full Moon, High Moon, and Bessou. These rooms are the most exquisite options at Ten Thousand Waves, and include living areas, private decks and balconies, and viewing gardens.

The Food

Dining at Ten Thousand Waves is at the Izanami Restaurant, which is typical Japanese izakaya dining. Izakaya is small plates dining that is designed to be shared around the table. Izanami Restaurant serves organic meats from providers who they know, fresh ingredients, and many dessert options are made from scratch in the restaurant. Many dishes are gluten free, and there are up to 20 vegetarian items on the dinner menus for guest accommodations.


The Extras

Ten Thousand Waves Resort considers every detail when it comes to creating total tranquility. Take their in-house spa, for example. The Ten Thousand Waves Spa is inspired by Japanese mountain hot springs resorts. They offer outdoor hot tubs and spa suites, either communal or private, and serene gardens for guests to enjoy. The treatments offered include a variety of massages, facials, and body wraps, all at various individual and package rates. The resort also offers gift certificates and discounts that can be found on the website

To learn more about what the Ten Thousand Waves Resort has to offer guests who pursue luxury and wellness, access their website here: https://tenthousandwaves.com. What are your thoughts on Ten Thousand Waves Resort? Got a review of your own? Share in the comments or tag us on social @shetravelswellco!