7 Reasons why a yoga retreat will help you enjoy your job more

Tree pose your way to your best work life

7 ways a yoga retreat helps you succeed at work

7 ways a yoga retreat helps you succeed at work

Whether you’re still the new kid at the office or have clocked enough hours to consider it your second home, work life can be stressful. And while taking a multi-day yoga retreat may seem like the last thing you have time for when your Google calendar is packed to the brim, an asana-centered vacation can have surprising benefits for your career. It can be the catalyst to help you break through a creative rut or the enlightenment needed to deal with a new steam-rolling boss. Yoga retreats offer the perfect chance to step away from it all and return completely de-stressed and even excited for whatever your job brings next. Here, seven surprising benefits a yoga retreat can provide:

1. You will feel happier

Taking the time to concentrate only on yourself and your practice, allows everyday stressors to melt away and, in turn, make you feel happier. Carry this happiness over to the workplace and you will find little things that make work more enjoyable. It’s all about the attitude!

2. You will find a new passion for hard work

Happiness found in your yoga retreat will make you more determined in setting new goals for yourself at work and in working harder towards achieving those goals. Even Forbes says happy employees are more hardworking employees. Plus, yoga requires keen focus on the present journey, not the destination, which means you’ll feel greater joy in the act of work and less stress about potential outcomes.

3. You will feel more creative, productive, and focused

Another amazing benefit of yoga retreats is their power to refocus you. Positive psychology has proven that happy minds are far more creative, productive, and focused. After returning from your retreat happy and refreshed, you will be more likely to generate great new ideas in the workplace and impress your boss!

4. You will increase your chances of financial success

Society convinces us that working hard will lead to financial success, which will lead to happiness, but that message is backwards. In reality, if you feel happier (which you will after your retreat!), you are more likely to commit fully to your job and more likely to be noticed by your bosses and coworkers. So get ready for raises and bonuses!

5. You will see your job in a new light

The quiet time we spend in yoga practice allows for clarity and new mindsets to arise. The constant anxiety or negative thoughts you may have about your job will settle and you’ll be able to identify what it is about your current gig you like and don’t like. You will be more likely to return to the office with a better idea of how to make your work more productive and enjoyable. You will be ready to make positive changes.

6. You will return as a better version of yourself

By rediscovering yourself during your retreat, you will return to work a better version of yourself, with more centralized goals and a more positive outlook. You will be more focused on the task at hand and completing your best work.

7. You will beat the Sunday scaries once and for all

Ever experience the Sunday scaries? You know, the creeping negative thoughts about the work week ahead? One of the many benefits of yoga retreats is that they provide the perfect opportunity to cleanse your mind and body of that negativity. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on finding the positives in your everyday life and at work. With a new positive attitude, your job will feel that much more enjoyable.

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