Review: Bob Marshall Wilderness Volunteer Adventures

Bob Marshall Wilderness Volunteer Adventures are in some of the most beautiful spots in the West!

Bob Marshall Wilderness Volunteer Adventures are in some of the most beautiful spots in the West!

Bob Marshall Wilderness Volunteer Adventures

You know we love our National Park System and think volunteering in them is one of the best ways to Opt Outside (see our guide to volunteering in the US National Parks here) so here is another great way to do it! Are you ready to call the “crown jewel” of the wilderness system home? Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex is over 1.5 million acres of good old wilderness, from Glacier National Park in the North, and the Montana Rockies in the south. With limestone reefs, lush forest, gorgeous rivers, scenic mountains, and extensive wildlife (elk, deer, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, black bear, and grizzly bear). Volunteer with the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation to help restore trails and work on other projects that make a difference in this beautiful place.

The Vibe

Choose a project that suits you. There are a wide array of projects available, with ranging work levels and hike levels. They’ve got everything from a short 2 mile hike with weeding to 15 mile hikes that work on more serious projects. Volunteers will be trained to use various tools like saws, axes, shovels, and weed wacker, when necessary and all undergo safety training.

8 hours of trail maintenance may seem like a lot, but joining a group of fun, outdoorsy people to camp, hike, and work on a community project sounds pretty great to us. Looking to explore backcountry? There’s free time at the end of every work day for hiking, fishing, relaxing, or exploring how your heart desires. Or choose a longer project that includes a rest day.

The Rooms

In true wilderness explorer fashion, your room is nothing more than a tent. Sleeping under starry skies and Rocky Mountain views is better than any 5 star hotel (okay, most). You bring your own gear and staff will select a safe place to camp at the end of a hard day. Sounds like summer camp to us!

The Food

No freeze dried camp food here! Your staff will provide food throughout the trip and its seriously good. Mornings start with lots of coffee, and various breakfast options like pancakes and bacon made over the fire. Yum! When 12 pm rolls around, it’s time for lunch on the site. Hearty burritos, pastas, and fresh vegetable curries for dinner are some crowd favorites after a difficult day. They’ll make a menu that works with your allergies and dietary restrictions!

The Extras

We can’t get over the chance to live in “bob” for free while experiencing it’s incredible natural offerings. Choose a volunteer project that interests you, just make sure to do light training ahead of time!

For more information on volunteering with the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation,  check out their site here. Have a review of “the bob” to share? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social @shetravelswellco